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TIF/Street Map/Zoning/Enterprise Zone

Peru has a long history of working cooperatively with the business to ensure the needs of the project are met. Peru’s goal is to retain and create quality full-time permanent jobs and to encourage private investment. The combination of incentives, locations, transportation, and infrastructure, makes Peru the ideal location to build or expand your office, industrial, warehouse, distribution, retail, and related businesses. Peru has created economic incentive programs, as a means to stimulate business growth and job creation right now. Let us help you bring your business to Peru.

The City of Peru Zoning Ordinance

The City of Peru Municipal Code

Peru Zoning Map
download pdf of enterprise zone map
Peru Industrial TIF
download pdf of industrial TIF map
Peru Commercial TIF
download pdf of commercial TIF map
Peru Street Mag
download pdf of plaza drive TIF map
Peru Downtown_Old Downtown TIF Map
download pdf of downtown-old town TIF map
Peru Street Mag
download pdf of street map
Peru Zoning Map
download pdf of zoning map

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